5 Worst Golf Club Brands To Avoid: Alternative Brands To Check Out

Considering how expensive it is to commit to playing golf, one would assume that the equipment necessary for it would also be expensive, but high-quality. However, just as in any other sport or industry, the price doesn’t always determine or equal quality.

Sometimes, the product simply isn’t good, and for its performance and quality, it is also overpriced. The same applies to golf clubs as well. It is almost funny to see that such an important unit for playing golf can perform so badly and still remain expensive and even recommended by some other players.

Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a new golf club, we believe it is best to start with the brands you should avoid. This will help you narrow down your search and finally get the best golf club that will get you your money’s worth. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Golf Club Brands We Think Are Overpriced and Overall Bad


Yonex is a world-leading, Japanese manufacturer of all things related to sports like golf, badminton, and tennis. They manufacture equipment like badminton and tennis racquets, shoes, and of course, golf equipment and golf clubs.

Yonex products are generally considered to be high-end and high-quality, but it is important to mention that only certain Yonex products are high-end, and those are the ones made in Japan. The rest of the Yonex products are low-end and made in China.

Now, why did we put Yonex at the top of our list? Well, it’s because we just expected a lot from this company. Considering high high-end Japanese golf clubs generally are, Yonex simply underdelivers in this sense. Their golf clubs aren’t the worst, we do have to admit. But, considering their price, you quickly realize that $1,000 for a complete set isn’t justified.

So, what is the main issue with Yonex golf clubs? Here’s what bothers us;

  • The golf glub overall feels cheap; like it’s made of cheap materials
  • The golf club isn’t really solid; the build of the golf clubs doesn’t seem reliable
  • Some players stated that the golf club felt like it’s going to fall apart mid-play
  • The golf club is clearly overpriced

The only thing Yonex golf clubs are good for is looking good on the shelf; these golf clubs have an excellent style and look pretty good. Other than this, if you’re not looking for expensive wall decoration, make sure to check out some other brands well-deserving of your money.

So, what is the best alternative to a Yonex Golf Club? Well, for the same price range, you can get a high-quality, reliable, and durable golf club from Cobra Golf.

Cobra Golf is a leading golf club and golf equipment manufacturer, providing high-quality equipment for avid or even professional golfers. The Cobra golf club advantages include;

  • Extreme heel and toe weighting
  • The best combination of speed, low spin, and stability
  • Exceptional performance
  • Complex design and structure that saves weight
  • High-quality materials (stainless steel face insert), etc.

Cobra King Radspeed Combo Set (1 hybrid and 6 irons), will cost you $1,099, which is an even better deal than a Yonex complete set. So, make sure to check Cobra out and see whether it fits your needs and preference. We are pretty sure that Cobra at least justifies their prices with high-quality golf clubs.


Yamaha is a global leading company from Japan. This company seems to make everything, from boats, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, to instruments, computer-related products, and of course, sports equipment, including golf clubs. Considering the manufacturing range of this company, and the reputation their products have, one would think that a Yamaha golf club would be a no-brainer. However, that might not be the case after all.

So, why is Yamaha on the list of the worst golf clubs? Well, let(s start with some of the disadvantages of owning a Yamaha golf club;

  • You would pay too much for a Yamaha golf club; it can cost anywhere between $750 and $1,000
  • The golf club has a pretty bad performance, considering the price
  • Some players reported that Yamaha golf clubs have a bad sound to them, which affects the overall feel of the golf club

Now, overall, Yamaha golf clubs look excellent; the style and design are there, as expected. But, the prices for the golf equipment at Yamaha seem to skyrocket with each new golf line. So much so that the quality of the products and the price do not justify each other, and we find that to be the main issue.

So, what would be the best alternative to Yamaha golf clubs? Well, we would definitely recommend you check out the Ping Blueprint irons.

Now, these golf clubs are stunning and would easily replace the ones you currently have in the bag. The Ping Blueprint golf club advantages include;

  • Tight tolerance control
  • Smart design and material choice (carbon steel + head design ensure concentrated impact zone and a pleasant sound)
  • Compact and precise – they feel and look good
  • Workable, versatile, and forgiving of imperfect hits

We do have to mention that the Ping Blueprint irons are pretty expensive. However, this is a case of a high price being more than justified. These irons are of premium quality and will last you for years. We surely recommend you check them out, but if this price range isn’t something for you, we have some more affordable irons to recommend as alternatives in the following paragraphs.

Alien Golf

Now, Alien Golf is something you may have heard about, but chances are this brand name has missed you. Now, that is for a reason. Alien Golf is a manufacturer of cheap golf equipment that doesn’t have an official and direct purchase availability. Alien Golf sells its product via numerous mediators and channels.

So, why is Alien Golf on this list? Well, we’ve included them primarily because so many other golf equipment reviewers kept mentioning this brand, so we’ve decided to check it out for ourselves. Now, what we found out is the following;

  • Alien golf clubs are incredibly low-quality; they seem very cheap, don’t look good, and certainly don’t feel good
  • You cannot buy Alien golf clubs directly from the manufacturer
  • These golf clubs break down quickly and easily, even mid-play
  • The golf clubs are made out of cheap materials which do not make them durable, fast, or reliable

Now, Alien golf clubs are pretty cheap; you can find a set for $200 to $400. However, such a low price is generally a red flag, which in this case turned out to be for real. So, what we recommend is you simply spend a few more dollars and get a quality golf club rather than buying this cheap Alien stuff and having to replace it even after one hit.

So, what would be a good, budget-friendly, alternative to Alien golf clubs? We recommend you check out the Wilson Staff Model Blade iron.

Wilson is an Australian brand known for manufacturing sports equipment. Their irons and high-quality, durable, but also affordable. Some of the other advantages include;

  • They offer maximum distance
  • Forgiving, even in case of off-center hits
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Powerful feel and launch
  • Look excellent

If you want to save a few bucks, but also get a quality product that will ensure a good performance and durability, then make sure to check out the Wilson golf clubs for sure.

Ryoma Golf

Ryoma Golf is a Japanese manufacturer of golf equipment. It is said to be an excellent provider of golf equipment, and some even say that it tries to meet the success of other premium Japanese manufacturers like Mizuno. However, Ryoma, unfortunately, gets a bad reputation mostly because avid golfers aren’t really satisfied with the quality and the feel of their golf equipment, especially the golf clubs.

For example, Ryoma golf clubs are known for;

  • Below-average build quality
  • Improper sound affects the feel of the golf club
  • Below-average performance
  • Unforgiving in case of off-center hits
  • Overpriced
  • Overall unimpressive

Unfortunately, it seems that Ryoma doesn’t really know who its target audience is. Their products seem to be made for amateurs but try to be sold as professional equipment. The price surely indicated this strive to appeal to pros; for example, a set of 5 Ryoma irons costs up to $1,875, which is, considering the low build quality and below-average performance, clearly too high of a price.

So, what would be a good alternative to Ryoma golf clubs? Well, if you want to go with a Japanese manufacturer, we surely recommend Mizuno golf clubs.

These golf clubs are often described as ‘soft-feeling, great-looking’, which are probably the two most important factors. However, Mizuno golf clubs also have the following advantages;

  • Super feel and workability
  • Highly forgiving even in case of off-center hits
  • Impressive distance
  • Fast ball speed
  • Low and deep center of gravity
  • Durable and reliable

Of course, Mizuno golf clubs are pretty expensive; Mizuno sets can cost anywhere between

$750 and $1,800. However, in this case, the price is surely more than justified, so we surely recommend you check out Mizuno golf clubs as well as their other golf equipment.

Cleveland Golf

Cleveland Golf is a manufacturer of premium golf equipment, golf clubs, and accessories. The focus of this company is to provide high-quality, reliable equipment to avid golfers, which is why Cleveland Gold remains a strong presence in the golf equipment market. However, there is a reason Cleveland Golf is on this list.

Often described as ‘looking like garden tools’, Cleveland golf clubs are far from what you’d want to have in your bag. Some of the disadvantages of Cleveland golf clubs include;

  • Terrible design, appearance, and feel; tacky and cheap
  • Low-quality materials
  • Below-average performance
  • Risk of breaking easily and quickly
  • Lack of forgiveness during off-center hits

Generally speaking, Cleveland golf clubs are considered the worst mostly because of their appearance, pretty ugly design, and below-average performance. We do have to point out that these golf clubs aren’t too expensive, so there is a somewhat justification between the price and the quality of the product. But still, you should be able to expect a good-quality golf club from a premium manufacturer Cleveland Golf claims to be.

So, what is a good alternative to a Cleveland golf club? Well, we’d say any other golf club would be a better alternative; even any other golf club from this list would be an excellent alternative. But, if we must mention some other brands, it would be either TaylorMade Golf or Callaway Golf. Both companies provide good-quality golf equipment, including golf clubs.

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