The Worst 5th Wheel Brands To Stay Away From and Save Your Money + Excellent Alternatives

With autumn in its fullest beauty now in October, one of the best things to do is just pack up your things and drive straight to the mountains. Spending a few days in nature, surrounded by the beauty and shades of orange, yellow and red is a wonderful idea. But, do you know what would be an even better idea?

Going to the mountains with your 5th wheeler would be excellent; you’ll have all you need right there with you and still manage to enjoy the fall days away from the city concrete and crowds.

Now, chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve also thought about buying a new or replacing the old 5th wheeler of yours. And to that we say; you’re at the right place. In the following paragraphs we’ll talk about some 5th wheel brands out there you should stay away from in your purchasing journey. These 5th wheel brands sell subpar quality units that will turn your adventure into a nightmare.

So, let’s take a look at some 5th wheel campers and see which ones you should avoid, and which models are worth checking out.

Worst 5th Wheel Brands To Avoid


Dutchmen RV is a leading manufacturer of RVs specialized for short- and long-term traveling and adventures. Dutchmen used to be an independent company, but now it is owned by Keystone RV and is a rather known name in the traditional camper market. The company builds entry-levels RVs suitable for first-time buyers.

So, why is Dutchmen on this list of worst 5th wheelers you should avoid?

First of all, we have a major issue with the way Dutchmen doesn’t evolve as a company. For years their production and innovation have stayed the same; there is nothing new Dutchmen offers that would keep us interested.

Credit: Cloudinary

Second of all; the materials this company uses to build their 5th wheelers are beyond questionable. For example, the interior, especially the kitchen and the bathroom, are below-average when it comes to material quality. And, there are the rubber floors in most Dutchmen’s RVs, which simply smell off-putting.

Let’s take a look at the Dutchmen Voltage 5th Wheel Camper and see why you should avoid it;

  • This model has the most complaints when it comes to Dutchmen campers
  • The inside feels like a garage
  • Poor built-quality, especially of the kitchen and the bathroom
  • Issues with airflow during warm and humid days
  • Rooftop AC doesn’t cool down properly
  • Off-putting rubber odor
  • Sawdust in the roof AC (blocks airflow)

These are just some of the issues people report when it comes to the Voltage model. The same goes for other Dutchmen RVs; they just don’t feel like high-quality RVs, but more like a prop for a horror movie. And, you don’t want to spend money on something like that.

So, what would be a good alternative to the Dutchmen 5th wheel camper? We surely recommend you check out the Grand Design Momentum 376TH.

Because the Dutchmen Voltage is meant to be a toy hauler, we’ve decided to recommend the Grad Design Momentum model for the same reason. It is a toy-hauler that stands out for its excellent interior, high-quality build and design, contemporary entertainment and furniture, etc. This is a great RV for family get-togethers since there is enough room for 5 to 7 people. This unit is a reliable companion for short- or long-term adventures, so make sure to check it out.


Ever since 1964, Coachmen has manufactured and built RVs known for their excellent reputation and reliability. So, this RV brand has been around for a few decades; it had the room to improve, better its product, and get in line with the popular demands of a modern RV user. Based on the old-school product and earned the reputation, Coachmen has managed to build a group of loyal customers. So, how come that the Coachmen 5th wheels are simply not good?

Well, Coachmen is on this list for a good reason; or a few good reasons. Some of them include the overall poor quality of the 5th wheel units, as well as the issues with roof leaks from the air vents, interior complaints, and so much more.

To get a full understanding of why Coachmen’s 5th wheelers are far from deserving of your money, we’ll take a look at the probably worst Coachmen RV, the Chaparral 5th Wheel Camper. Some of this camper’s disadvantages include;

  • Below-average build quality (even poor quality)
  • Roof leaks and AC issues
  • Engineering and design flaws
  • Only sleeps up to 4 people
  • Water tank storage illogical
  • Overpriced for the class and offer

Chaparral is the perfect example of why Coachmen is not a good choice when it comes to buying a reliable, durable, and versatile unit. Your RV is your home on the road, so you don’t want to feel like you need to keep fixing stuff instead of enjoying your time traveling. Also, if you plan on traveling with your family or friends, this unit is a no-go. It sleeps only up to 4 people, and even that number is a stretch.

So, what would be a good alternative to Coachmen? We recommend you check out the Forest River XLR Nitro. Now, this is a camper worth your money. It is a comfortable, spacious RV made for your full enjoyment.

Everything about this RV is built with yxour convenience in mind. The interior comprises a comfortable seating and living area, a king-size bed, a kitchen, and even an electric fireplace and theatre seating. Even the garage area is insulated and can act as extra dining or sleeping space. There is also a retractable panoramic screen so you can relax on your own, private porch.

Did we mention the attractive price of this RV? Well, for a fraction of what you’d pay for the Coachmen, this RV will prove to be worthy of every single penny of yours.


Keystone is generally a name you would associate with reputable, high-quality RVs. And, for the most part, that is true. Keystone did, at one point, make excellent, reliable RVs that have earned them the reputation of a good brand. However, as many companies do, Keystone started cutting down on good-quality materials and replaced them with a cheap alternative. As a result, their RVs quickly plummeted in quality and started receiving complaints from everywhere.

Now, the use of cheap materials is a good reason to criticize a company, But, it isn’t enough to put it on a list of the worst RV brands. There are many other reasons why Keystone 5th wheelers aren’t worthy of your money. Let’s take the Keystone Cougar as an example.

Credit: Keystonerv

The Cougar RV shows perfectly why Keystone units should be avoided at all costs. For example;

  • The unit is built from cheap materials
  • Seems to be a result of rushed production
  • No quality control in mind
  • Water leak in toilet and sink
  • Interior not properly installed
  • Frequent electrical issues
  • Eater tank storage too big

These issues are just a glimpse into the complaints customers have in regards to the Keystone Cougar. The camper is not something you would want to drive on a long-term journey. There are simply too many unsafe issues going on to reply on this 5th wheeler.

So, what would be a good alternative to a Keystone RV? We surely recommend you check out the Heartland Road Warrior.

This toy-hauler RV will be your perfect companion on a short or long adventure. It is built to be versatile and serve your multi-lifestyle needs. The RV is elegant, but also sturdy and offers room and space to ensure you, your family, and your friends have an exceptional adventure. The Road Warrior is surely a family-focused vehicle and can fit between 5 and 7 people.

Everything about this RV is built to suit your needs; from the interior, spaciousness, amenities, outdoor porch, entertainment options, and a fireplace, there’s everything you need for this RV to feel like home. There is also an attractive price, so make sure to check out the Road Warrior.


Generally speaking, Winnebago is a reputable, successful manufacturer of Rv campers. Their 5th wheelers have been in the game ever since the 1980s, so there’s some history and loyalty to this brand. However, we just cannot help but be honest; in the past few years, Winnebago has taken the easy route and decided to use cheap build materials and slack in terms of the quality of their newer RVs.

Now, the reason this happened is that Winnebago wanted to expand; quickly. The company also wanted to attract new customers and appeal to the new generation of RV clientele. However, the route of quantity over quality has brought them right here, on the list of the word 5th wheel brands to stay away from.

Now, to show you our specific issue with Winnebago RVs, let’s take their Minnie 5th Wheel Camper as an example.

Now, this camper is good in terms of being able to sleep up to 6 people. We like spacious RVs, so it was important to point this out. However, this is a case where the cons outweigh the pros, by far. Some of the complaints in regards to the Minnie camper include;

  • Cheap material and poor build quality
  • Major issues with the AC (underpowered and leaking)
  • Issues with water leaking
  • Complaints about pipes and the sinks (leaking)
  • Small water tank storage
  • Below-average interior

These are some of the main, frequent complaints and issues when it comes to this specific RV model. However, these issues also spread across the whole new Winnebago RV line, which is definitely not going to win over the new customers, especially considering the relation between the value and the cost.

So, what would be a good alternative to the Winnebago 5th wheel? We recommend you check out the Eclipse 5th Wheel toy hauler. The Eclipse units are some of the best-reviewed toy haulers, often commended for their reliability, sturdiness, spaciousness, and overall at-home comfort.

For example, the Eclipse Attitude toy-hauler is the perfect companion for short or long journeys. It features all the contemporary appliances and fits the needs of a modern customer. It strikes the perfect balance between exceptional design and engineering, as well as style and comfort. It can sleep between 5 and 7 people, so it is perfect for family get-togethers. There is also an attractive price to make this RV completely irresistible, so make sure to check it out!

Other Brands We Recommend You Avoid


Credit: Jayco

Jayco is probably one of the most known RV brands on the market. The reason for this lies in the affordable price you get for an entry-level 5th wheeler. However, the issues with Jayco campers seem to the never-ending. Despite being a household name, it is just a bad brand that sells bad units. Some of the disadvantages of Jayco RVs include;

  • Poor construction
  • Below-average quality and cheap materials
  • Costly and frequent repairs
  • Issues with heater and engine overheating

This is the kind of vehicle that will be more at your local service department more than it will be in your garage. Unless you plan on wasting money by investing it in a black hole of RV camper, make sure to stay away from Jayco 5th wheelers, and save your money.

Allegro RV

Another affordable, mid-level RV we recommend you stay away from is the Allegro RV. Owned by Tiffin motorhomes, these RVs are known for being budget-friendly options, but also for being pretty bad. We do have to admit that the newer Allegro RVs have undergone some improvement.

For example, they now feature contemporary technology and are overall more functional and modern, with better build and material quality. But still, they just don’t seem to prove themselves good or worthy of anyone’s money. For example, the main complaints in regards to Allegro RVs include;

  • Even when improved, they feel like they’re built in the 1980s
  • Despite better materials, the construction is poor
  • Below-average interior
  • Potential issues with AC and leaking
  • Overall underbuilt and overbuilt at the same time

There is simply no consistency with the Allegro RVs. You’re either getting oblivious features or getting no good features at all. And, when you’re spending money on something that needs to be reliable and solid on the road, there is no room for inconsistencies.

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