8 Worst Lawn Mower Brands to Avoid (And 4 We Recommend)

Lawn mowers are a serious investment for any customer. If you don’t investment in a quality product from a good brand, you could be stuck with a badly mown lawn and a low-quality machine. If you purchase a reliable lawn mower, it could run smoothly for many years to come, and you won’t have to spend as much on repairs.

Not sure on which lawn mower brands are worth avoiding? We have put together a handy guide on the lawn mower brands to avoid and how to spot a good investment. Based on customer reviews and general reputation, here are 8 lower brands to avoid

Red Flags When Buying a Lawn Mower

When you are looking for a new lawn mower, there are some things to look out for ensuring that you are choosing a good brand. If the machine has more than one of these red flags, we suggest avoiding them.

  1. Hard to start

Avoid lawn mowers that don’t instantly start because their engine might be underperforming and low quality. A bad engine is one of the costliest repairs on a lawn mower.

  1. No product warranty

A brand that doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty for its lawn machines does not guarantee any security. This shows that the brand isn’t very confident in its products. A trusted brand should provide at least one or two years plus free servicing.

  1. Price and quality

Price is an important factor to consider when buying a lawn mower. We welcome spending between $45 to $120. Anything less expensive than this is likely to be low quality and will cost you more in repairs.

  1. White-colored smoke

A machine that produces white color smoke is a sign of a damaged combustion system.

  1. Weak battery

The battery is also a key feature to consider when lawn mower shopping. Avoid outdated lithium batteries, as they are low quality and lack the durability required.

  1. Short or Heavy

Extremely short machines can be hard to use, and heavy machine require extra force to be added. Bulky machines don’t allow users to cut clearly and avoid small deck sizes.

Did you know:

Check out customer reviews of lawn mowers to get an honest opinion of the best machine for your needs.

8 Worst Lawn Mower Brands to Avoid

Troy Bilt

Although this brand is at the front of power mowers, it is generally quite badly reviewed. Many customers have complained about bagging issues that frequently occur with a Troy Bilt lawn mower. With just a 55% customer satisfaction rating, many customers complain abut much and grass falling from the bag as they mow.

The engine is grossly underpowered, which means this lawn mower may struggle to cut thick patches of grass. Users also complain about the engine being difficult to start, which many claiming it takes multiple attempts to get it going.

Poulan Pro

Poulan Pro makes durable and reliable gas lawn mowers. The issue is they deliver little more than a reliable engine. Made using cheaper materials, these gas-run machines are so stiff they become heavy to mow. This makes it impossible to mow a bumpy lawn.

Another common complaint with these lawn mowers is that the wheel adjusters are poorly made, and the deck vibrates too much. This makes the machine drop and loses the cutting precision. It becomes easy to cut the grass too short and damage both the health and appearance of your lawn. With just a 37% customer satisfaction rating, you’d do well to avoid this lawn mower brand.


Earthwise also ranks low in customer satisfaction. This is mainly due to the lead-acid battery, which is far less reliable and powerful when compared to lithium batteries. Many customers have complained that their electric mowers are poor at clean cutting.

Another complaint is that Earthwise washing machines have a very short battery life. If you have a medium to large perimeter, this machine will struggle to cover it. While Earthwise is less expensive in comparison to other lawn mower brands, they fail to properly complete the job.


While Stihl is famed for their chainsaws, many customers are disappointed in their electric mowers. They come with many design flaws, including the 15-inch deck, which lacks power. Some customers have even complained that it takes an extra half an hour to complete a job which should be finished in just 20 minutes.

With all these issues, Stihl machines come at a price point that is much higher than better alternatives on the market. With just a 45% consumer satisfaction rating, many believe it is not worth the extra price.

Sun Joe

Sun Joe is famed for offering affordable lawn mowers, but this may be for a good reason. Many customers have complained about this brand and its poor quality of construction. While cheaper, you are not getting a good value for money lawn mower.

The main issue for this competitive lawn mower brand is that the bag easily rips. Most review platforms also talk about the machine easily breaking and not lasting for a very long time.


Craftsman mower where one of the leading brands in the industry but has recently fallen out of favor with customers. Many customers have reported that their machines do not bag chippings and side dischargers. Some reviews even claim that Craftsman machines are good for nothing more than mulching.

Other users have complained that the machine is difficult to control, not allowing a precise line. Other reviewers talk about nuts and bolts being missing with purchase. The blade also gets dull and clogged quickly, which means users spend time and energy lifting and cleaning them.

Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet is a name you may recognize, but probably not for a good reason. With a customer satisfaction rate as low as just 40%, their machines are known for performing very poorly.

The most common complaint is that the bags on these machines rip far too easily. Although they offer high performing self-propelled mowers, they are more expensive and less effective than many of the alternatives on the market.


Although Flymo is one of the biggest names in the industry, their products come with a lot of bad reviews. It appears the quality of their lawn mowers have dipped in recent years. Asides from poor customer service and unsatisfactory warranty, their products frequently break.

The most common complaint about the machines is how quickly the battery runs out. Second hand selling websites are littered with Flymo machines with faulty or dead batteries. Another issue is how the three height settings are insufficient, meaning it takes longer to mow your lawn.

Dixie Chopper

While they do have lots of positive reviews, Dixie Chopper lawn mowers do not perform well on hilly terrain. Avoid this brand if you are working on steep yards, unless you want to spend extra money on special tires.

Another concern among Dixie Chopper owners is fuel consumption. The big engine means you will incur extra gas costs as it consumes a lot. While their machines are more powerful, allowing you to cut finely, this is done at the expense of buying fuel.

4 Lawn Mower Brands We Recommend

So, there were the lawn mower brands to avoid. There are some high performance products available at the market, no matter your budget. Here are some you should be considering:


Greenworks are renowned for their lawn mower, and it’s for good reason. Their machines possess dual batteries and can rear-bag, side-mulch and mulch. These electric machines are quiet and lightweight, ideal for a variety of mowing height positions. This machine is especially recommended for those with rough and bumpy yards.


Worx deliver high-quality grass cutting, especially if you have tall grass. The single lever allows you to adjust the height, and it has a full bad indicator, allowing you to know when the best time to empty it is. Operating using two batteries simultaneously, it comes with a dual-port charger and a battery meter. The multi-functionality allows users to either mulch the grass of bag it.


Ego is an incredibly popular brand with a fantastic warranty alongside offering amazing products. You can enjoy at least one hour of use after just one time of charging. It’s easy to maintain and easy use. The two sharp blades offer smooth cuts, and the speed control is manageable.


Toro is the brand for experience lawn owners. Reliable and durable, most of their lawn mowers have a 21-inch cutting deck to cut with ease. The cast-aluminium build body is rust-resistant and runs smoothly for many years. The strong rear-wheel drive offers improved bagging and mulching capabilities over hillside lawns.


What should I consider before buying a lawn mower?

Before investing in the right lawn mower for you, here are some things you might consider:

  • Cutting width: The width you need your lawn mowers blade to be will depend on the size of your garden. A small garden will be okay with a 30cm cutting width, whilst larger gardens will be needing something bigger than 46cm.
  • Length of the cable: Consider how far your power point is to the furthest part of your lawn. It’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t fit, you could always use an outdoor extension cable.
  • Weight: This will determine how easy it will be to push and move around the lawn mower.
  • Grass collection box: The smaller the grass collection box, the more regularly you will need to empty it.
  • Key start: Some petrol mowers come with a key start option, eliminating the need to use a pull cord. The key is usually battery operated and will need to be recharged.
  • Side discharge: Mowers with a mulching option also come with a side discharge option. This dumps grass cuttings as you mow, ideal for large areas of grass that don’t need to be kept neat.
  • Mulching/Recycling: This is where the grass cuttings are stopped from entering the collection box. Instead, they stay in the blade area, before being cut finely and dropped on the lawn. This keeps lawns looking green and healthy.
  • Self propelled: This style of mower propels itself, taking the stress off the operator. This makes lawn mowing easier, ideal for large areas.
  • Rear-roller: Are you looking to achieve a stipped lawn? Rear rollers are how you achieve this. It’s usually hidden between the rear wheels, allowing you to achieve maximum maneuverability.
  • Mowing edges: If your lawn has lots of edges, we recommend investing in a cylinder blade or a rear roller. A mower with inset front wheels or a grass collection comb can also help create smooth edges without a strimmer.

What type of lawn mower should I buy?

Before you choose the brand, consider the best lawn mower for your needs. There are lots of functions and features, which suit different size and textures of lawn.

  • Corded electric mowers often come in the mid-price range and are generally quiet and light. They are better suited to small spaces as they will need to be plugged in. You can pair it with an extension lead, but that could get in the way.
  • Petrol lawn mowers are powerful but noisy. Users struggle with how heavy they are and are far less environmentally friendly compared to others on the market. They require an annual maintenance check-up and a regular supply of oil and petrol.
  • Battery-powered cordless lawn mowers are light and easy to maneuver. Although they can be expensive, it’s worth it. The downside is you have to remember to keep the battery charged.
  • Push mowers are affordable and manually powered. Although environmentally friendly, they are hard work for those who aren’t strong and mobile. These are not a good option for larger gardens either.

Did you know:

If your lawn is more than 40000 square acres, consider buying a gas-powered lawn mower.

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