5 Worst Kitchen Faucet Brands To Avoid: Learn To Identify Red Flags

While some will simply underrate the importance of useful spaces, when it comes to kitchens or bathrooms, well, they should recalibrate their way of thinking. Let me tell you why.

We are spending a lot of time in these house areas, and we should pay attention to all the accessories we are choosing for these rooms. And kitchen faucets are by far the heart and soul of these working areas. Moreover, faucets play an essential role in aesthetic looking too.

Considering all these reasons, it is essential to be aware of the best range of faucet brands. And most importantly, it is helpful to know which faucet brands are more reputable and worth your money.

In this article, I will run down some of the top faucet brands that should stay on your list, as well as the worst names that received terrible reviews. This way, you will know how to categorize the kitchen faucets better, according to their performance.

Pass through all the information below, and create your list so you won’t have to spend a lot of time and energy doing your research.

The Main Types Of Faucets

Before revealing the kitchen faucet brands you should stay away from, it is essential to know the six major categories of faucets and different functions, designs, and styles. Since we are going to be narrowing down both the best and disappointing faucet brands on the market, it is essential to know the types of faucets that are most relevant for our houses.

1. The Ball Faucet

This is considered the very first type of washerless faucets, primarily common in kitchens. This is the single-lever faucet, also featuring a ball-shaped cap.

This accessory comes with a built-in chamber with a metal ball inside, which helps regulate the water flow that comes through the faucet.

2. The Disc Faucet

Here we can discuss the single-lever faucet. You will easily identify it due to the cylindrical body.

This type of faucet is one of the modern ones, featuring ceramic discs that help control the water flow temperature that is famous for its durability and for being resistant to joint leaks.

3. Cartridge Faucet

You might have seen the cartridge faucet very often, and no wonder, as this category is one of the common ones for commercial and residential settings. The cartridge faucet comes in single as well as double lever features.

You can open this faucet by half-turning the lever at one end. Close back the water by turning it back to the center. Compared with other types of faucets, this cartridge faucet does not require too much water pressure and effort to be opened and closed.

4. Compression Faucet

I had to mention this type of faucet, as mainly used for modern plumbing. The compression faucet is typically found among older houses, which have different ways of opening the tap.

They mainly require tightening the grip on the lever. This way, the faucet will compress the water and make the flow open or close. Quite similar to the cartridge faucets, the compression ones come in single and double levers.

Other types of faucets that are worth mentioning:

  • Pot filler
  • Pull-out/ pull-down
  • Hands-free faucet
  • Bar faucet

Easiest Ways To Identify The Kitchen Faucet Brands

Just like in any other domain, it is clear that some kitchen faucet brands are better than others. However, it is constructive to know how to identify the kitchen faucet brand so you can save time, money, and effort.

If you want to replace the old sink accessories, here are some of the easiest yet comprehensive ways to look for faucet brands and choose the most suitable ones.


Logo is by far the simplest method to spot a brand. Look for some large and defined logos that are not too intrusive, though.

The Exact Model Number

Do not give up on finding the exact model number of the product you just bought. Usually, these numbers are very tiny, but you can use a flashlight or a wipe to check the faucet’s model number.

To be sure about the brand of your kitchen faucet, just key in the model number using a search engine, and you will get a whole list of brand names according to the model number.

Count The Splines, Measure The Stems, And Broach

Another easy way to identify the kitchen faucet brand is by counting the splines, then measuring the stem. You will see that each brand comes with different numbers when it comes to broaching measurement.

Sear, Elkay, or Fishers are 12-point broaches, while Chicago, Sterling, or Milwaukee come with 4-point broaches.

Aesthetical distinguishing features

It is pretty easy to see that each faucet brand has distinguishing features that, in the end, will help you identify the brand you are dealing with.

For instance, when it comes to Moen or Mixet, their faucets have oval brooches, while other names, like Delta, feature a striking D-shape broach. Considering all these, look for those certain features that will give you hints about the faucet brand.

5 Worst Kitchen Faucet Brands To Avoid

As I just previously mentioned, each brand will produce its kitchen faucet pieces differently. Because it will be an actual hassle to replace the kitchen faucets now and then, you should know from the start what brands to avoid.

Through analyzing, I mainly considered the overall performance of these kitchen faucets, based on real customers’ reviews and general feedback and satisfaction. Check all the information below so you won’t make any mistakes when going shopping.

Peerless Kitchen Faucet

Although the Peerless Kitchen Faucets are coming in a wide range of styles and models, one thing is for sure, according to their customers: these products are lacking in durability.

The materials this brand uses to manufacture their kitchen faucets are low-quality, considering all the feedback.

Most of the reasons to avoid Peerless:

  • The faucets require regular repair
  • These products are low in quality
  • Users noticed frequent leakage of water
  • The components block the flow of water

Most of the users gave deficient ratings to these kitchen faucets after installing and using them. They have also noticed that the tap will let the minimal flow of water come after a while after a while.

Moreover, frequent water leakage is another huge issue. These problems translate into regular repairs you will have to do, which is the last thing people want to deal with. So, based on the most frequent feedback, people should avoid this name.

Glacier Bay Kitchen Faucet

Glacier Bay Kitchen Faucet is one of the most non-trustable faucets models. And, unfortunately, this is a fact. One of the common issues regarding this kitchen accessory is water leakage.

Moreover, according to reviews, the design of this faucet has weak seals. People claim about faulty cartridges and accessories, which are genuinely irritating for the users.

Also, the Glacier Bay brand is also famous for its loose handles, which is unpleasant. This considerable issue often creates headaches for the users.

Main reasons to stay away from the Glacier Bay brands:

  • Poor and faulty cartridges
  • The brand is “popular” for loose handles
  • Fragile design and seals

Pfister Kitchen Faucet

While Pfister Kitchen faucets come in various colors, designs, and styles, one thing is for sure: customers have still complained about the quality of their components. One of the many complaints was related to the hot water flow now and then.

Furthermore, customers were mentioning something about frequent leaks coming from the faucet joints. There were lots of people saying the slowing down of water pressure during the continuous usage.

Sometimes the problems are turning even worse. Some of the Pfister Kitchen faucets are completely blocking the flow of water, mainly due to the non-regular interior surface of the taps.

This problem can lead to regular repairs and the replacement of faucet components. This translates to more time and money. Complaints were also referring to the customer service department, which is said to be very slow.

In a nutshell, here are the reasons to avoid Pfister Faucets:

  • Unresponsive customer service
  • The pressure is slowing down during water usage
  • Frequent leakage through faucet components

ARRISEA Kitchen Faucet

Stay away from this ARRISEA kitchen faucet, as this brand is among the worst on the market when it comes to kitchen faucets. Based on the low ratings, I recommend you avoid this name when designing kitchen accessories.

Besides the constant water flow, the ARRISEA kitchen faucets have issues in terms of durability as well. Furthermore, frequent loose handles are other problems customers have been dealing with.

The main reasons to stay away from ARRISEA Kitchen Faucets:

  • Low-quality components
  • Really negative reviews everywhere
  • These kitchen faucets would mostly need to be replaced or fixed

KRAUS Kitchen Faucets

While this is one of the most popular brands for faucets, usual customers haven’t been so satisfied with the purchase.

In terms of quality, KRAUS faucets are not the sharpest tools in the shed. Furthermore, customers have complained about the replacement parts, which are truly hard to keep on track.

Most of the components are made of plastic, which is already known as one of the weakest materials overall.

It is hard not to mention KRAUS on the list of worst brands of kitchen faucets. While the designs of KRAUS faucets are not falling short in style, these accessories are not durable enough to be worth purchasing.

Choose These Names Instead. Reliable Faucet Brands To Buy

Now that you know about the worst kitchen faucet brands, it is time to understand how you can replace these pieces with reliable brands. In the section below, I have brought together some of the most reputable faucet brands on the market. I have been considering their styles, and manufacturing processes.

Hence, here are some of the top brands of this kind of product. Considering these sink accessories are the soul of your kitchen, it is essential to know what to purchase. You need to pay attention to the role of kitchen faucets in food preparation and handling. Let’s go:


Aside from having an extensive range of products to choose from, Moen is one of the most trustful brands when it comes to kitchen accessories.

Moen is quite an old brand and has been doing good-quality products for more than five decades. As such, when it comes to brand reputation, you can trust Moen.

In terms of features, Meon is a very good-rated brand, primarily due to:

  • Durability
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • High-quality components
  • High praises on warranty coverage
  • Excellent customer service when in need

Delta Kitchen Faucets

One of the household faucet names that are worth your attention and money are Delta accessories. The Kate model is mainly loved due to the 20-inches hose. The long hose is so helpful when you need to reach all the corners around the sink during the cleaning process.

Reasons you should trust Delta kitchen faucets:

  • Leakage is not a problem
  • The spray option is a huge advantage
  • Mounting is very secure
  • The overall body is resistant


Like the Delta brand, Koehler is another popular and trustworthy name for faucet brands. The manufacturer has been on the market for almost 150 years and has a wide selection of products at different prices.

Here is why people are loving the Kohler brand:

  • Customers simply love the limited lifetime warranty when it comes to all the Kohler models
  • Very high-quality products
  • Excellent customers service
  • The prices are pretty accessible

American Standard

Speaking of the best functionality, AS is by far one of the best brands in terms of kitchen faucets.

Furthermore, the AS products are made of the best materials that are resistant to corrosion and can prevent water leakage. The ceramic valves are another huge plus when it comes to resistance.

Other than this, here are the top reasons why you should consider purchasing American Standard kitchen faucets products:

  • 10-inches hose
  • Best hot and cold levels
  • Truly moveable faucet head for all angles

Luxurious Faucet Brands For High-End Designs

If money is not a problem, and you would like to have a kitchen faucet with high-end accessories, keep on reading the following brands that might satisfy your needs. However, make sure you prepare your wallet for a more consistent investment.

Most of these brands are foreign but deserve your attention due to their high-end finishes. Let’s discover these names together:


If the saying “less is more” is a guiding phrase for you, do not hesitate to look at the Hansgrohe kitchen faucets. The designs of these accessories are delicate and stunning. These vibrant designs are ideal for both kitchen and bathroom areas.

The German brand gives a luxe selection of faucets, and the intricacy of their details makes these accessories unique. Based on the brand’s mantra, these kitchen and bathroom faucets offer the bathing and showering areas a new image.

However, people should know that Hansgrohe faucets are pretty expensive, from $100 and above. But they are worth every penny.


When it comes to the Rohl faucet brands, you can be sure that you chose the “authentic luxury for kitchen and bath”. The bath and kitchen faucets from Rohl have a more retro vibe, and they are genuinely charming and easy to recognize.

A truly unique brand, the main selling products of Rohl are an extensive collection of faucets designed to represent some of the most significant cities in this world.

The kitchen faucets from this brand are ranging from Victorian intricate craftsmanship and luxury. The starting point of the Rohl products starts somewhere around $120 and the price only goes up.

Toto Kitchen Faucet

Let’s talk about some Asian brands that have been around since 1912 and have elevated the quality among other manufacturers. In this domain of plumbing fixtures, TOTO kitchen faucets are one of the top ones.

This faucet brand is famous as a high-end and luxurious name, mainly due to the efficiency of its products. Mainly because of the safer and cleaner selling point, people trust this name.

Last Thoughts

I wanted this article to be a detailed discussion about the top faucet brands to avoid if you’re going to invest only in quality products. Even so, all the presented brands went through a very thorough inspection before adding them to this list.

From now on, it is only up to you what you will purchase as the centerpiece for the kitchen’s utility. This way, you can finally make your shortlisted products.

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