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"Listen to The New York Times Culture Podcast: Still Processing. Hosted by NYT Culture writers Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris, this podcast has connected with me on many levels for several seasons. They both are honest, informed and relatable. The topics they have covered are not only important but allow you to have personal reflection on the world we live in and what we're choosing to take part in. But the episode I've linked to (A Pod From Our Homes) is everything I needed to hear during this time. It wasn't more hard hitting news that made me anxious, and it wasn't an influencer just preaching positivity. It was two people, two friends, being very real and open with how hard this is. They talk about what's been a good distraction, what they're already over and just how they're feeling through all of this. I can't recommend it enough for someone who just wants to feel validated by their conversation." - Kaley C.

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