Today you could...
Indulge in sometimes weird but harmless quirks that are satisfying to maybe only you 😂

"These past two months, I’ve been freakishly protective over the very little “me time” I get—typically between 9pm-10:30pm, after my son goes to sleep, dinner is eaten, and household errands are haphazardly accomplished. That hour-and-a-half is when I go deep on the things that are just for me. I've been singing off-key to '80s and '90s tracks while playing Tetris on my phone, watching Netflix documentaries on ocean creatures (giant squids!), scrolling through new clothing trends on IG, and thinking about a lot of cheeses. I've found that spending time like this can be more valuable to my head space than crossing something else off my to-do list." -Carey, GNI Team

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...while staying home.
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